Friday, April 04, 2008

Another Silver Hair Adventure


I might just let my gray hair show!! Hahahahaha. I don't know if I am ready yet but it is a thought. I know it isn't the gray hair. Today's adventure was going to El Yunque, my favorite place in the whole world and I went with a motley crew. Carmen, Victor, Mom and I drove for an hour out to El Palmer, using the new toll road Route 66, then the well driven Route 2. Once we started driving up the curvy palm tree and fern lined route 191 we knew we were in a different world. As always there were the ooos and ahhhs, as each curve opened to a more beautiful spot filled with miramelindas or arching bamboos as we took pictures of the Coco Falls and trickling rivulets, or wandered into the Juan Diego stream and splashed some water. But that wasn't the highlight. The highlight came after we climbed the Yokahu tower and saw the coast with its turquoise ocean and the swaying trees in the delicious breeze. We were just hanging around waiting for Victor to come down, and Carmen insisted on taking some pictures of me and mom as we waited. I was a little anxious by then because I had to rush to make it back on time to San Juan for a very important doctor's appointment, but as I considered my options I decided I wasn't going to ruin a nice afternoon getting impatient. A few minutes later I spotted Victor peeking out of one of the openings of the tower and he said he was on his way down. When Victor came down he began setting up his tripod and took some pictures of all of us on a bench to record the day. Mom was just sitting there as you see in the picture, when this young man, who could not be older than 13, came over. I had seen him in the tower, and he looked slightly handicapped. I couldn't pinpoint his condition but I knew he had a disability. All I know is that as he approached Mom, he gestured and hardly saying a word with a big smile on his face, he assured me he only wanted to greet mom and I shook my head yes and took her hand and then gave her a hug. He looked up at me, straight at me as he hugged her, and Victor unbeknownst to me took a picture. It was a divine moment. We all stood there in awe for a few moments. I said, "that was an angel." Then I turned and located his mother, and she had a big smile on her face. She also had a camera in her hand and had recorded the moment and I thanked her and loudly said God bless you. She waved and then they were gone. And that is what happened today.
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