La Villa Pesquera en Maunabo

Last week,  I had the fortunate opportunity to take a drive to Maunabo to pick up a sewing machine and of course drive around Punta Tuna.  They have a lovely lighthouse but I really didn't have the time nor the inclination to tackle the hill after already climbing three stories to get to the apartment.  In spite of that,  I did venture to go to the fishing village- la villa pesquera. 

La Villa Pesquera has a lovely beach right next to it. Before the hurricane this beach was not fully appreciated as it was hidden behind a line of trees all which were taken down by the storm. Thus leaving the beach totally exposed for the beautiful beach that it is.  This beach could get a lot more visitors if they set up a restroom and showers but for now it is used by the fishermen.  There are some restaurants around with restrooms but they only seem to be open on the weekends.

A new pier is being built which I think is fabulous. Nevertheless, the colorful boats are enough attraction for now.  Their names are pretty cool, too. Mi Suerte, or My Luck is stationed right at the top of the hill as you go in, then down on the shore you can find Reinita, which means queenie, but it is also the name of our national bird, a tiny black bird with a yellow breast a tad larger than a finch. I fancy it was named after the bird.   Finally, the last boat's name which I was able to decipher was Mi Esperanza, My Hope.  The owner must go out there everyday with a positive attitude.

To get to Maunabo, take the Expressway to Caguas, then hop on Route 30 towards Humacao, then head to Yabucoa.  Once you cross the bridge in Yabucoa, take Route 901 up towards Maunabo. The drive is breathtaking.  Stop along the way to drink a Piña Colada, and then stay on the road that hugs the coast- not the tunnel (Rt.53) and take a left to go to Barrio Bordaleza.  If you pass the Puma Gas Station, turn around.  It is totally worth the drive.

At the entrance to El Barrio Bordaleza, there is a neighborhood restaurant, called Cafe Salseo that has the best local food in town at moderate prices.  You can't miss it since it has a huge gray crab waiting at the entrance.   It is located right next to a hardware store.  In a month or two they will be opening an air conditioned section which will make the whole experience more enjoyable.    


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