Life is Better than Fiction

I heard someone wonder if doing something with family was worth putting aside a book they were reading. 
To me the answer is so obvious. You can always come back to a book; you can not come back to that particular moment with those particular people, the weather,  and the activity.  It's a moment.  If for one minute you think you can, you are believing a lie!
Don't take people for granted.
Don't take LIFE for granted!
Flat words on paper, can never wipe away a tear, brush a breeze on your cheek, or touch you as a smiling baby that responds to your touch or voice.  I would say the only words that are an exception is the Word of God, because it is living.
Stories can spawn your imagination but they don't deliver reality.  You must live that out.  
I don't know... Maybe you need to start looking for the wonderful.  What is "the" wonderful?
The wonderful for me is:
Having a toddler come running with open arms,
the anticipation of coming to the ocean,
coming home after a journey,
establishing order,
the satisfaction of a clean kitchen,
being able to walk again,
feeling the sunshine,
enjoying the breeze,
a crispy fall morning,
dancing to happy music,
wedding vows,
the loving look of someone who is in love with you,
being forgiven,
blubbering deep prayer,
God speaking to me in different ways as in a conversation,
a bird singing in the morning,
the local parrots clamoring for attention as they go to their ocean perch
and return during the early evening,
your children wanting to spend time with you,
it will not always be so,
unexpected phone calls,
the sunrise at five,
a beautiful sky,
a ride in the country to see the mountains,
holding hands.
I mean,
must I go on to mention
and lighting,
and puddles!
Go ahead, get your feet wet!
We know about today,
We don't know about tomorrow.
Enjoy the day
Put down the book
Take a deep breath
and go tell someone you love them. slowly.
Brushing their hair off their face
without running off,
was there something I should have asked you about?
I have time to listen;
the book can wait!


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