Philosophical or We are only Stewards

If you really think you OWN something, you are mistaken!  I mean, I have been around a couple of decades now...not wanting to date myself, but I have lived longed enough to know we don't own or possess anything for ever.  I remember the furniture I had in the seventies: freshly painted white rattan with colorful semirough cushions.  Why did we choose that cloth anyway?  But yeah.  I gave that furniture away, years ago and someone else has it.  I have kept a lot of things for various reasons but if I could,  I would give that stuff away, too, if releasing them were to take me to a better place.

I don't want stuff to hold me back from my dreams.

My dreams...umm.  What are my dreams, anyway?

I would love to be the "administrator" of:

a garden for one full of herbs, tomatoes, and flowers;

an art studio full of brushes, paints, and watercolor paper;

a comfortable dining room and kitchen, where I could receive guests and
entertain... serve dinner and have a pleasant conversation and laughter.

and finally a comfortable bedroom and books to read.

That is it.

For now, I have pretty much what I like.... the garden is a container garden on my porch.  I have more than I need, and I live in a peaceful place but I do have too much.

I hope to begin changing that because we don't know when things will change.  I would rather give things away while I can and have the health to do it than wait and have to rush to do it.  Besides that I want to live a more decluttered life where I have room for the things I think are important.

So let's see how this evolves but I know, I am crystal clear, I don't really own any of this, it is just borrowed, lent out to me, and one of these days it will be returned to the ultimate owner.  I wantto be found to be a good steward.   Definitely.


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