Run Way of Hope

What have I been doing these days to keep me busy? Well I have been helping the Salvation Army's Women Auxiliary spread the word about the upcoming Fashion Show, Runway of Hope, in Isla Verde Puerto Rico.   Several fabulous designers including Orlando Lopez will be featured as well.  You can find out more information about all the designers, the event's New to You Boutique and the Silent Auction.   As a beautiful note, honor will be given to whom honor is due as grand designers such as Carlota Alfaro, Nono Maldonado, and Mirtha Rubio's classical designs will also be on display.  You will not want to miss this event.   To secure your invitation please contact Brenda Rodriguez-Lago at 787.999.7000 at extension 69028.

For more information on the Fashion  Show please go to the Facebook Runway of Hope event page at:  


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