Life is always Changing

I moved from Florida back to Puerto Rico!  Shocking.  I love telling people that.  To my utter surprise, I have never been happier.  Estoy en Puerto Rico.  I keep so busy I hardly have time to scratch my head really.  I volunteer at church.  I volunteer with the Salvation Army. We invent things to keep us busy.  I check my daughters' beach house and keep it clean.  I am decluttering constantly.  I keep a porch garden and talk to my neighbors.  And I sleep and eat.  Who has time for more.  Oh, I forgot, I visit my elderly mother 3 times a week and sometimes 4 if she needs to go in for an appointment and we just found out she has a terminal disease,*

Life is going to change for me again.

Life is going to change for her as well.

I am taking a deep breath.  I really haven't let it sink in.

Dios me la bendiga.

God bless mom.

Lord we need your help.

*Note:  Full of joy!  After the biopsy, it turned out that my mother's cancer is not the type that metastasizes! Overjoyed!


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