History Every Where!

I don't think there is a country in this world where time almost stops.  You look at a place and you can travel to the past and you can travel to the future.  Of course there are stories of time travel taht you can make up about almost any place, but when these stories take place in a holy book such as the Bible.  Well, that is different.  To go to Caesarea and know that the apostle Paul left to a distant shore from there, or to see the foot prints of the Romans! It sort of takes your breath away.

Not only are there stories reference that already have taken place but there are pending stories yet to unfold.  Take the Megiddo Valley referenced in the book of Revelation where a great battle involving several world power that everyday we read how the players mentioned there are setting themselves into place.  You gasp because you know that everything that is in the Bible that was predicted to happen in the past, took place, and have been studied and verified.  The unfulfilled prophecies will most surely take place as well.     

So on our way up the coast from Tel Aviv we approached Ceasarea and this is pretty much what we saw with a little side trip to Megiddo and its awesome plains.


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