Janette Oke Novel

Just finished reading The Bluebird and the Sparrow.  For some reason, I always thought Janette Oke's books were shallow only to find they are quite profound.  I think my misperception came from well meaning movies that could not convey their originals.  Many times we are expecting the story line to be centered around a romance when her novels deal with a character's personal growth as an individual in their journey with God.  In our day of sensuality and lost virtues, not that God didn't make sex for enjoyment in the context of faithful committment, love and respect in marriage, many times the romance becomes the central theme.  It is refreshing to read a novel where a person's thinking and their spiritual values interact with the trying, tearing, and excruciating realities of life.  "Where is God when it hurts?" Reality.

Mrs. Oke's stories deal with all sort of life issues and do not shy away from presenting the difficult side to each life issue. I have read stories about someone running away from an alcoholic abusive home and forgiving, a story about kidnapping, outlaws, and rescue,  and another about the hardships of life and sacrifice in marriage.  The book I just finished also dealt with mental illness and its roots.  These stories are told with simplicity and insight which give me a new respect for the author.

Though you might think you are only reading for entertainment, you might be surprised to find yourself questioning the lies and misconceptions you have believed.  In other words, be ready to grow.

Thank you Mrs. Oke for your work done for the Lord.


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