Beautiful Mystery Tree

Does anyone know the name of this tree? That is what I wrote originally because I did not know the name of this tree, but I dug deep and consulted my handy guidebook Tropical Trees and Blossoms, and though it didn't have the best picture, it gave me a lead.  Then I googled Bead tree and was able to contrast my tree with images and it turned out to be the one and the same.

 The mystery tree is called a Bead tree in many parts of the Caribbean.  It is also known as Jumbie-Bead, Sandle Bead, Red Sandalwood, and Circassian.  What I found astonishing is that it is original to China!  That is right.  It is also found around the world in the tropics.  They even have them in Australia, tropical South America, Central America, southern United States and in a host of other countries.  The things you learn trying to identify a tree.  You can find out more information at: 


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