Es La Vispera de Los Tres Santos Reyes or Three Kings Day Eve

It is the night before the Three Kings or the Magi visit Jesus.  It is a beautiful biblical tradition here in Puerto Rico.  Tonight children will fill their shoeboxes with grass.  Usually done with one of their parents.  Then if their grandparents are around they also go to that grandparent's house and collect grass there as well and leave a shoebox for the horses.  Of course horses get thirsty, too, so they have to leave a bowl of water as well.  Then in the morning the grass is all eaten up and the water is gone.  In their place appear gifts left by the Magi or Los Tres Reyes Magos.  

Es una bella tradicion de la Navidad.  Vienen los Tres Reyes Magos esta noche.  Papi siempre me decia aun cuando tenia 18 años.  Si queria que vinieran los Reyes tenia que dejarle yerbita y agua.  Lo segui haciendo hasta que me fui de casa cuando me case.  Viva nuestras tradiciones hermosas.  ¡Vengan Los Reyes a ver a Jesus!


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