A Rooster Parade!

My first rooster...a Puerto Rican rooster from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.  Have you ever felt you had to paint something or write something?  Well, I did recently.  For about the last month, I have had roosters show up everywhere.  First it was the noisy one in Villas del Faro in Maunabo, very similar to the one below.  Then I saw one at church, a city cousin of this one which posed perfectly still for me. Then I went to the hospital, Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, and lo and behold, another rooster crossed my path.  I started to wonder.  After that I was driving with my daughter Rosita through Maunabo and this beautiful black and white rooster crossed the street in front of us.  It was gorgeous.  Then one day as I was driving home from the hospital I took la Calle San Jorge in Santurce and there in the middle of a very busy city street this elegant rooster crossed my path! That was enough! Five roosters for goodness sake!  Five!!!!! I think I am supposed to paint a rooster or two.  Below was my first attempt.  There will be more.  Be watching for them.  I think I will go a paint another one now!


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