Christian Community Church's Christmas Bazaar!

  1. Talk about alliteration.  Anyway, this was my first time showing my art publicly.  To say I was a bit anxious about it is --an understatement, but I encouraged myself in the Lord.  The whole week was one of preparation.  Gathering the paintings, then getting them matted or framed, was also time consuming and frankly expensive, and finally packing up the car.  No wonder paintings cost so much! 
  2. The bottom line was that I learned a lot.  It is not easy to prepare for a Bazaar.  You really need to prepare thoroughly before hand, from what you will exhibit, to how you will display your items, the prices, and the logistics of how you will get your things in and out of the premises.  I should have brought both of my suitcases because I almost broke my back carrying something back to the car at the end of the day when I was exhausted.  Next time! I have to get some good matting and learn how to mat my painting.  I'm already planning ahead.  
  3. By the way you can visit my ESTY store anytime.  I will be putting some new items up shortly.  Just give me a couple of days.   


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