Making Boiled Peanuts

Secure some green peanuts. You can come by them in almost any supermarket down South.  I got them at the IGA supermarket in Camden.  I frozen them and packed them in my suitcase.  They travelled well and now days later, I removed them from the freezer.  

Next you rinse and place them in either a big pot with water or into a slow cooker because they have to boil for at least four hours.  I am choosing to do the latter since I will not have to watch the pot while they are boiling.  I am now an experienced lady since I did my first batch of peanuts in Camden!  Please laugh.  Doing them one time hardly makes me experienced but it does give me some confidence.  I love that they tasted a little salty but that I controlled to a certain extent how much salt they contained.  The other neat thing is that I also know how fresh these peanuts are.  Am I excited that I am going to have some boiled peanuts here in Puerto Rico?  You betcha!  


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