Rutledge Street Gallery

Had a wonderful experience yesterday viewing some beautiful artwork right here in Camden,  South Carolina.  The art there was a combination of East Coast artists including Natalie Italiano with her stunning colors, Clara Blalock's abstracts as well as some locals artists.  I especially enjoyed Maci Catalano Scheuer's work.  Follow this link to see some of her work:  She did one painting of the Low Country marshes that captures the colors and sensation of being there.  Another of her creations includes the poster for the November Colonial Cup race pictured below.  If you look carefully at the trophy you will see the reflection of a jockey.  Very clever, I think.  As for the painting of the marshes, if I could have afforded it, I would have bought it right there and then.  Nevertheless, I did take a no less beautiful pottery piece of a banana leaf handmade by a local artist, Nancy K. Butterworth.  I am thrilled to have purchased that piece.  
The gallery management were so helpful yet allowed us to view everything with ease and at our pace.
So if you are in the town of Camden, go straight over and enjoy some creativity. You won't be disappointed!

508 Rutledge Street, Camden, SC 29020


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