Las Croabas

Yesterday, I got to drive out to Fajardo and enjoy the turquoise ocean view, the cool breeze propelling the white sailed boats, the lapping of the waves, and the company of a friend.  If I had planned it better it would have only cost the price of the gas. Alas, it was totally spontaneous.    Next time though, I will take a picnic basket full of drinks, ice, and sandwiches.

How do you get to Las Croabas?  Once you are in the Fajardo area, follow the signs for El Conquistador Resort.  There is a clear sign before you reach the hotel with directions to the Croabas, a small fishing village surrounded by restaurants
a park, benches, and little spots to throw a blanket or towel to sit and soak it all in.  We did and I loved it.

Remember,  El Conquistador has nothing on Las Croabas except all its amenities and expense and both enjoy the same view.


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