Sunny Days are Overrated!

This was my status update on Facebook today:

Whoever is responsible for this wonderful weather here in Puerto Rico these past two days, please take a bow! Cool breezes, temperatures in the middle 80's, clean air after the rains, and of course the coqui singing! You know who YOU are. Thank you!

I say sunny days are overrated! It gets so darn hot and sticky here on sunny days. Yes, on sunny days there are no puddles to wet your sandles, but cloudy days with a wonderful breeze and temperatures in the mid 80's, added in shade on many streets that lack a tree canopy, and you are all set. Of course we can't be doing this everyday, I understand, but half the year is fine with me. The trees, flowers and grasses get watered, flowers begin to bloom, and the air gets cleaned out. I know I am breathing better.

This morning I walked around my neighborhood in the cool crisp air. It was wonderful. The breeze brushed my hair away, and yes I got sprinkled on but who cares. Here in Puerto Rico la lluvia de mayo is a sign of good luck. I just say bring it on. A little water never hurt anyone.

So if you ask me, what do I prefer? I will take a little bit of those complicated convoluted gray and white clouds billowing into the sky any day. Searing heat, scorching winds, cloudless skies, and a bright bright sun--- totally over rated!

And yes, thank you, Lord for these refreshing days! Love you!


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