Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head

Remember I had written about how cool it was the other day and that it felt like air conditioning.  Well, if I didn't say it, I meant to. In any case, it was very cool day especially for a typical May day in the middle of the Caribbean.  It was so cool that it broke the record all the way back to May in 1944.  That is how cool it was.  77 degrees cool.  Nice.  Just to give my house the air conditioned feel, I turned on a fan ever so gently.  Well, I meant to turn it on ever so gently but I actually put it on full blast and got cold.  

The week ahead looks promising as well.  Mid eighties all the rest of the week which is a respite from the suffocating heat and humidity.  When we talk about humidity here, it should be in bold letters because this is serious humidity which requires at least two showers a day and a constant flow of ice cubes and water through out the day. Of course, not only is water required but the constant whirl of a fan can be heard in each room.  In some cases, two fans.  

But not, this week.  This week one shower will be enough and letting my hair partially air dry will continue to be a cooling strategy, but not required.  Zumba will not seem as taxing.  Blowing drying my hair with a fan right next to me going full blast won't seem oppressive.  

This will be a better a week.  Mid 80's.  I can live with that.


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