Maunabo Sunset

Rich pink and grey clouds
Some high brushing the mountains
Others horizontal filling the sky
In the distance I hear the in and out and bursting of waves
on the terracotta sand
While the rustling palms shuffling remind me
Where I am
Just caught in a moment
Looking beyond
Yes!  Look, there is Vieques!
Oh, sweet there goes a flock of egrets
While the wind plays with my hair
Two ruiz señores race
And the wind sings in my ear
A faraway dog calls
I am here
Caught in this moment
With just one cloud very pink now
The others have run to grey
and I hear the ocean,
the ocean,
and the waves.
And you asked me,
"Que hay en Maunabo?"
What's in Maunabo, anyway?
Ha! Is all I have to say!


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