Life Might be Cheaper in PR

I love squash---calabaza to be more precise.  I couldn't believe that they had calabaza twenty nine cents in the grocery store.  Here in PR we put it in soups, beans, pies, fritters, and alone with olive oil or butter added as a side with tuna or codfish. Big smile on my face.

By the way, it wasn't only the squash.  Five bags of codfish for five dollars! Of course they are not huge bags, but with two you can make a meal for four people easily and then add the other staples. Tomatoes were on sale as well and much cheaper than I pay in Orlando.  This is encouraging.  I think I can make it after all.  This was at Super Max.  Pueblo had it set of sales as well, including a whole chicken for 89 cents a pound! Think about it.


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