Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Russia

Exquisite.  In just one word, but no it can not just be one word.  Exquisite with its mix of music, ballet, symbolism, dazzling light shows, choreography, and metaphors.  The portrayals of War and Peace, as well as, Swan Lake were moving.  After years and years of Communist rule where women were often cast in an unflattering light, dressed constantly in overalls and masculine attire, you can tell that on this great photo op the Russians were not going to lose this opportunity to set the record straight.  At least 95 percent of the ladies in the ceremony were presented in a delicate refined manner.  That was refreshing.  More power to them.

Then the presentation of Russia's history of course overlooked many of the tragic events of its history whether self inflicted or imposed by others, but in essence it portrayed a Russia which is placing its hopes on its children to do like the swan and fly into the heights of its potential.  It presented a Russia that is as diverse yet unified as it is large.  This is a country that is not to be ignored and has great dreams for its future built on the glories of its past.

Exquisite and well done.  Way to go!


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