Downsizing 2

Trying this again.  For some reason my whole post did not print completely. It's the wierdest thing.  Let see if now it will work.

As I do my downsizing and decluttering, I am only keeping only what is important.  So thankful for the time to do this.  So today is Shredder Fest Day Two.  Yesterday, I shredded a huge 55 gallon lawn bag of old receipts and papers. Today, perhaps not as much but just as intense in getting rid of the JUNK! Tomorrow is recycle day. A little bit proud of myself.

Well, it is the end of the day, I have gone through container after container of envelopes, ripping some open for the first time and examining the contents.  Some were repeated bills which I knew what was being billed but others were hurriedly read cards with little surprises and special little nothings friends had taken the time to send.  I regret that.  I had lived in such a hurry and stress that I didn't take the time to appreciate my friends and family like I should have. 

 I feel I am coming out of a prison of stress.   Teaching can be a killer career.  It robs people of their personal lives.  I loved the kids but the  continued pressure to be exceptional and "perfect" drains people's lives.  I don't know of any teacher these days who is going home at night light as a feather with no work to do.  In fact, many carry papers back and forth from school to home,  yet are too exhausted to touch them.   Instead they try to give their families some quality time yet all the while feeling guilty that they didn't touch those papers.  It is a vicious cycle and I am glad to be out of it.  Downsizing my stress!!! Yay!

No more storing papers, either.  I am going to record my bills on a calendar and write down a bill's due date, have a pocket for the envelope, transit slip, and a written check dated three days before it is due.  And I am going to start throwing papers away from the get go.  And write people back when they send me a sweet card, not just glow with happiness, but send them love, too.  

Thinking about changing my ways.  Let's see what happens.

Update... at the end of the day, I had practically filled another 55 gallon trash bag.  I hauled both bags to the curb for recyclying tomorrow.  This is a huge triumph for me and I know it!


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