It was one of those days!

You know how it is-- you don't know it until it is almost over.  I took a very early flight and was being my usual self and I said good morning to the TSA flight person, and he looked at my license and wrote something on my ticket and made room for me to go through the preferential line---just, like, that! Pause included! Then when on the plane I had a whole row of seats for myself, for the whole trip! Then when I got to Orlando and picked up my car, as I was leaving, Fast Park, they usually give you a bottle of nice cold water and perhaps the newspaper. Not today.  I not only got water, but also a newspaper, pretzels, a blueberry snack, two Fast Park baggage tags, a plastic cup, and a post-it-note pad! I also made it to my classroom without a snag, with around ten glorious minutes to spare.  I had a great day, meeting and introducing the new teacher.  So yep, it was one of those...oh wait, it's not over! After I picked up my dog, I went over to my neighbor's house for Ginger's crate, when my neighbor told me she had made chili and rice and had saved me some, and she also had a bag with TWO homemade Pasteles! I almost fainted. Now I can hardly believe the overflow of abundance.  I know some precious precious friends are praying for me and God's goodness is on overflow!

Tomorrow looks like it is going in the same direction.

I will let you know.


linda said…
Oh, this is just wonderful, Elba! So glad that you had a good flight home and received all those little treats along the way! I Timothy 1:17 "Now unto the King eternal, invisible, immortal, the only wise God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen." With much love, Linda
Elba said…
Amen! Linda, amen!

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