Thanksgiving Weekend Aftermath

I was visiting some dear friends in Charleston and this is what happened after Black Friday shopping.  You have to go home.  I had to face a six to seven hour road trip and this is what I wrote a friend:

Do you know that I drank so much tea and coffee yesterday, and was so wound up from facing all the crazy driving that I stayed up till three o'clock in the morning?  That is something I have never done before.  I couldn't believe it myself.  So you got more sleep than me! I got up at nine thirty this morning and I have been napping and cleaning, and cooking, and napping, and arrranging and napping, and watching my art programs and putting up Christmas lights (repurposed some hanging ones) and picking up pinecones and finding my old ones....I put my wreath in the bathtub and a bunch of dirt came off it and it is smelling up the bathroom because I am in the process of putting it up.  So, since I am working Monday, I am bringing all my decorations down now...It is a lot of fun, but do I have a mess!

Then it will be become the aftermath of Christmas decorating, but I do so love the lights, don't you?


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