Cooking on the day before Thanksgiving

Thankful that for today, I can help and be helped, to have my cup filled and help fill another’s. 

Thankful for
Windy days
Sheets of rain
grey skies
puddles deep
that cause you to think
and remind you that you are alive.

Shopping and juggling
Talking about family,
Young boys and girls turned to adults,
That make you proud and
remind us that life goes on
And we too have grown if
Not outward, inward

Stirring spoons, salt
Sugar, cinnamon,
Filling the air as we talk
Falling into our hair
Sparkling on our skin
Sisters from around the
World making memories

Somehow as we cook
Together I realize it is
Much better than if we had
Cooked apart
We bent,
we turned
we squatted
we danced
we laughed
as we made a dinner
we made a long moment
to remember and
be thankful.


i.frank said…
Your poem painted a happy picture to remember, time to work and laugh as friends, the serendipity of days shared for giving thanks.

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