A Friend Died Two Nights Ago

I hesitated to say anything.  Life is like that.  I mean death.  Death makes one slow down like a slow motion movie with its slurred voices forever taking in time to say the slightest thing. Death slows us down.

A friend died. On my birthday, a couple of weeks back I had gotten together with my birthday group to celebrate several of the ladies birthdays and the celebration happened to fall on mine.  There was a festive table, a potluck, and about twenty ladies in all.  When I arrived with a friend another two ladies arrived as well. It was Jill and Sue.  Jill looked so ill and was slowly getting out of the van.  I helped her  out and walked with her to get inside.  I realized she had made such an effort to be there.  Her life had been ebbing away these past two years due to diabetes and kidney failure.  It had taken its toll.  Her vision was about gone. She told me she could not longer see me but for an outline but she was still joyful.  It was nice to hear her laugh.

We sat and chatted for the longest time.  We talked about our policemen sons and how complicated their lives were.  She telling me about her recent trip to Alabama to see her daughter and two grandsons whom she adored.  One of them showed up all dressed up in complete Jr ROTC uniform.  She was so proud.  Her plans included going to Alabama to live and she was excited about the future.  In fact she announced plans to celebrate Thanksgiving at her house.  Ill as she was she was not going to miss it.  She was providing the turkey and we all could bring a side dish.  That was last week and on Tuesday night we got the news Jill passed away peacefully in her sleep.

She had planned for Thanksgiving in her apartment but God had better plans.  She is now seeing her way walking happily on the streets of gold.  Jill you are going to be missed.  Sorely missed but what can you say but God bless you!  


Lil said…
So sorry for the loss of your Friend.

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