Rusty's in Titusville

 Rusty's restaurant, was a place recommended by a local.  I had no idea that it even existed.  I went out there with a friend and it was such a pleasant surprise.  The restaurant sits off a channel where all the cruise ships leave Port Canaveral to access the Atlantic ocean.  So it is quite nice to be sitting there, either inside in the air conditioning or outside enjoying the breeze and then watch a huge ship sail by.  When they do, all the passengers start waving, possibly because they know that friend or relative that dropped them off is enjoying their self there.  It could be because they like waving at people, because you know that is what cruise ship people do; they are so happy to be going on an adventure and don't have to cook for a week, and some one is picking up after them.  Who wouldn't be bubbling with joy.  So yeah, that is fun, too.    
What would have happened if I hadn't struck up that conversation and not asked about a good place to eat?  Good thing I asked and that she knew. So if you want some good seafood and good prices.  Be prepared to wait a little because they were awfully busy that day, and I suspect every Sunday, but it was worth it!!

Here is the link to their website.  The site

Let me know how you like it.

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