Untitiled is a powerful little painting and will be a treasure to any one that purchases it. There so many things to see here. You might find a bride, a couple about to kiss, a turbulent ocean, and plenty of symbolism. This one even surprised me as I started editing it for display. I might change my mind and keep it, it is that intriguing. Nice to be surprised by something you have painted.

It is not that big but it packs a punch. It measures 7 1/2 W by 8 1/2' H.

If you decide you have to have it, you can be sure you will receive the same excellent service my other customers have received and have the painting delivered to you quickly and in perfect condition. Though you would receive the painting, the reproduction rights remain with the artist, namely myself. 

If you have any question or you want to receive authentication papers simply drop me a line in your order.  Please find this at Mi Jardin on ETSY at:


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