Three Senses

Sometimes I find it challenging to stay absolutely focused when reading the Bible, so for devotions I tried something different. I mimed what I was reading as I was doing it.  This seems to make total sense because I am using at least three of the senses as I am doing it.  I found that as I did, I was truly focused on what I was reading and saying outloud.  So as I read Psalms 23, I enacted the rod, tall and rounded at the top, when walking in the valley of the shadow of death, I put one hand over the other forming a shadow.  Doing this mime becomes a mini drama and you don't miss words. If you do the Lord reminds you.  I also did Psalms 91 and I had forgotten about the cobra, and then went back and mimed trampling it very appropriately as we are constantly dealing with that old serpant whether it is spiritully or sometimes in the body.  When I mimed "thy rod and thy staff" that comfort me, I raised the rod in the right hand and the staff on the left, and they met above me in the form of the cross as well as forming a shelter.

As I did that I became involved in the Word that was being read and the truth of it became part of the experience of worship and devotion. Thank you, Lord! I was blessed.


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