Bauman's Pick Them Yourself Strawberries

Today we had the best weather for strawberry picking since it was overcast and we got there before nine.  We also bathed in bug spray and some of us wore tennis shoes since it was a little muddy, but nothing to complain about.  Being that this was my first time strawberry picking, it turned out to be educational and fun.  I learned about the different types of strawberries and that they grow very close to the ground. I had no idea.  We ended with a huge box of over eight quarts for only seventeen fify.  The best part is that each strawberry is perfect in someone's opinion.  When you go to the store you always get a mixture.  Not here.  Each strawberry was carefully picked. Even the tart small Jewel's were cute as a button and provided an unforgettable taste. I had never had these before so we decided to taste one before we committed to picking more.  They were a winner.  Hope you enjoy the different perspectives.

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