Education Week

Yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day and we had a nice spread laid out for the teachers by the Administration, which included bagels and coffee.  Monday, I need to add was also a special day as well.  It was quite generous as it was put on by the PTSA.  Not only did they have breakfast sandwiches, fruits, juices, and coffee, but also flowers and gifts for each teacher.  It was grand!

Today, we had a luncheon during our varying lunch periods and then at dismissal during our regular faculty meeting we had dessert.  Got to start counting my calories! To top that off, I have had a student, whose mom is the school nurse, and this week he has been regularly handing me a small gift everyday.  First it was tea, yesterday it was chocolates, and today chewing gum! It is really the thought that counts!

To my surprise though something worthy of my treasure folder happened today!  I wasn't expecting it.  I know that a lot of teachers get tons of cards and gifts but it is usually on the last day of school. Frankly, that has never been my case except for that one time when I was teaching elementary school and did a maternity leave for a second grade teacher.  When I went to leave those parents showered me with gifts, some of which I still have today.  That was at least fifteen years ago! Times have changed.  The economy is bad and then it isn't the end of the year either. But today...I got a lovely gift from one of my advanced students... the card was so special, telling me thank you in about ten different languages, all written by her.  Inside the bag was a cute notepad and pen, a decadent chocolate cake,  and last but not least, a tall travel cup that said "A teacher like you happens once in a lifetime." Amazing!

I am still speechless! 

Thank you, Lord!


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