Airconditioning Saga Update

What I tried to do:

To save money I went to Lowe's and purchased a Honeywell Thermostat/Control Unit.  The only problem: they sold me the wrong one.  I went to all the steps, call the Service Center and got more erroneous information.  I should have gone back to the store, but with the misguided advice, I gave up. So I called the Del Aire Service Center.  Well, they told me they were going to charge me 75 dollars for the service visit and evaluation.  That amount would not be put towards the repair and the soonest they could get to see me would be on Monday.  The only problem, I can't be absent from school any day next week due to the big state exam.  That was when I remember my front door neighbor telling me he knew of someone.  I called the guy and he was finishing a job and said he would come over in an hour.  He did take an hour and a half, and I forgave him.  He charged my 95 dollars for the whole repair that ("Thank God!") was only electrical and not a big ticket item. You do not know how grateful I was.  The old thermostat was also defective and replaced.

Cool air and a big smile!  Of course, grateful to the kind repairman and to the goodness of God!


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