While Waiting for the Gate to Open i.e. Learning Patience

    I was staying in a gated community and had to park my car outside.  Since I didn't have a beeper, I had to wait for someone to come in or out.  While waiting,  I decided to make good use of my time.  What better way to wait than by doing what I enjoy most. Take pictures!  The first good shot I found was a stately Royal Palm, humbly surrounded by coconut palms.  Then I spotted this wonderful coconut palm and decided to count how many fronds it had.  To my surprise, I counted up to 30 fronds.  I had no idea it would have so many.  Then I sat next to that dwarf Palmetto and was sheltered by the shade of its fan like fronds. I am sure it made for a funny sight.  Then in front of me was this fushia Bougainvillea(Trinitaria)! Before I knew it a car drove up and my camera shots time had expired and I was on my way.

What a great way to kill time!

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