When is there time to write?

I have been writing but mostly on my dry erase board at school and on social media as in Facebook and Twitter.  After doing all of that reading, writing, and talking, I wonder, when is there time to write?  Now that I think of it, perhaps if I turned off the TV?  Today, turning off the TV was not an option, as I had to catch up on a newly elected Pope.

Pope Francis the first, for Saint Francis de Assisi.  What a wonderful name!  I went to Assisi when I went to Italy many years ago and something very tender happened to me when I went to the church there.  I really think the place was surrounded by angels, but that story is for another day, I suppose.  The point is,  I could certainly find some time to write if I hadn't watched TV, but there are some days, we must watch. Today was one of them.

On the other hand, last night, I painted.  If I had not painted, then maybe that might have given me an hour and a half to scribble something.  So the answer, is yes, there is always some time to write, but I have chosen to do something else.

Tonight I chose to smell the roses, metaphorically.  I went to Lowe's and breathed in some beautiful colors in flowers, that is.  I also imagined a gorgeous manicured garden.  Alright, that was a hyperbole because I would settle for something as tiny as a nook near my front door; so I splurged on some purple, yellow, and orange-pink lantana to line up the entry way. Mind you, I live in Florida where it is called the sunshine state and that is not a misnomer.  The summers are harsh, going up in the 100 degrees. Choosing these lantanas was not a coincidence since I know they tolerate a full Florida sun and that will make a difference if these plants are to survive.

So tomorrow rain or shine, pen or no pen, I will find my trowel and paint.  Dig I mean, but paint I will except that instead of watercolor on a textured 140 lb Arches paper, it will be in deep brown dirt getting under my nails as I cover each treasured plant securely and anchoring them in the fertile soil.  Hoping that each one will grow hardy and yield a sight for sore eyes every time someone comes up my walkway.

I'll let you know how my garden grows.  Happy planting to you, if you do!


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