Valentine's Day Greeting

 I hope that you are having a wonderful St. Valentine's Day! It has been a feverishly busy day at school.  Students exchanging cards, red carnations, candies, and stickers. Balloons and gifts were hauled to the office and I felt like a scrooge when I had only fun stickers to give out.  I just couldn't give out more candy since the contraband was everywhere.

My colleagues and I couldn't wait until eighth period to arrive and that last call for bus riders to leave because of the candy overload.  I am so happy for tomorrow and the long weekend.  Tomorrow I will share my cards and little nothings with friends, but today was just impossible.  Chocolate lollipops, kisses, cookies, and treats were so sweet, and for them I am truly thankful.

Now let me be thankful for my children, for my parents, my brothers and sisters,  for the years of true love, good friends, and a Wonderful God who loves us all! Have a truly blessed day!

Happy Valentine's!
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