Sciatica is no if you google this term and found me, well, here's my story.  It came on suddenly. I was getting out of my car, Thursday evening after work and bang, it hit me.  A soaring pain in my back which as I walked spread down my right leg and caused muscle spasm in my back. This is typical I was later to find out.

I just refused to do nothing, but that is pretty much what I did for a couple of days, except, I did take ibuprophen and dragged myself to work.  Well, dragged is a hyperbole because in reality I was able to walk slowing but I was under a great deal of pain until the ibuprophen kicked in.   Fortunately, last Friday, I was giving a mid-term exam so I was basically sitting most of the time and that made work bearable.  Then I rested the whole day Saturday.  On Sunday, feeling somewhat better I went to church, sleeping in and then later napping.  When Monday came around, I didn't feel well, so I called the doctor.  While I waited for a response I googled sciatica, and found that they have exercises to relieve the pressure on the sciatica nerve which is deeply embedded within the hips and buttocks.  Fortunately I found a series of exercises that are easy to do and only take about 10 minutes to perform.  The best part is how effective these movements are and how quickly they remove the pain because they remove the pressure.

So if you want to learn more on what the sciatica nerve is and how to get rid of the pain without medication.  I found a very informative article on the Medicine Net that helped me understand what was going on. Then I located some gentle nonstrenous exercises that I could do to relieve the pressure on the nerve on You Tube.. this first one isn't the one I originally found but it works.
You Tube 1
You Tube 2 Wow  The second one is very clear and easy.


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