Letting go and Moving on to a New Year

I celebrate Christmas all the way to January 6th closing with the Epiphany or Three Kings Day. Then comes the  part I least like about Christmas: when it's over! All good things must come to an end.  Now is when I have to put all those happy ornaments, ribbons, lights, aprons, tablecloths, Christmas wreaths and nacimientos or creches away.  It is not so much about the work that may or may not take, but the memories and good feelings these little things bring.

I already have an antidote.  Redecorating. Since I spend most of my time at school, yesterday on my way to pick up Ginger from the kennel at River Oaks Animal Hospital, I stopped at Miller's School Supply in Longwood.  I took the time to scan over there many colorful borders, posters, and educational books.  I walked out with about four new bulletin board borders, cheerful and modern to start the new year right.  So here we come 2013 New Year... New lessons, new lesson plans, and a redecorated room. So no gloominess...lets start new!

 Miller's School Suppies

River Oaks Animal Hospital
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