Haven't Been Writing, Haven't Been Painting, Only Living

Just had my daughter visit.  I am generally not very sentimental or I pretend I am not, but today when her visit was coming to a close, well, I choked up and the tears started welling and I needed a hug.  It was so nice to have around for a full five days.  She was no trouble and she is self entertaining so no high maintenance, and she plays the ukalayle  and laughs and giggles talking to her husband.  I am so glad he shares her with all those people that love her.  Fortunately I get to see her again in a week.

I am so grateful I said my goodbyes at home and not rushed like I usually do at the airport.  It seemed like an usually busy day but we had time for relaxing meals and everything was timed just right.  So absolutely I am so blessed she dropped on by.

Safe travels, happy reunion, and much love.

Te quiero mucho, Rosita,



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