A Simple Garage Sale

I sold a water color painting titled, "Thinking Mountains," at my neighborhood garage sale of all places.  I sold this painting to two ladies that fell in love with my art...exclamation mark several times.  What touched me wasn't so much that they bought that one painting but what they said.  They said such encouraging words and spent time combing through the artwork.  They said, "You need to go to the Winter Park Art Festival!" to which I laughed and they said, "No, really you should!" They said so much more but you might think I was bragging.  They set aside two more paintings to come back for and took my email address to get my link to my ETSY store.  So yeah, I am going to take those baby steps and I am so thrilled and beaming.  What joy! 

At little while later about six Haitian ladies came to buy.   They weren't so much into my artwork but into towels, purses, and shoes.  They nearly cleaned me out and were tough negotiators.  Yet it gave me joy to share my things with them.  Then one picked up a old surge protector and asked, "How much?"  I told her, "a dollar," and she replied, " a quarter." It annoyed me that she went so low but I negotiated a half dollar, but I sensed it would be better if I gave it to her.  So I did.  I told her softly that she could have it.   She said "thank you" with a big smile on her face, and then she gave me a kiss turning the hard negotiator into a lovely person.  Then the rambuncious jamboree moved up the street arm in arm chatting in Haitian Creole and for a moment I could just picture them in Haiti, walking on dusty roads with their arms full of children and packages swaying to Caribbean music. 

It was just one of those wonderful days in Central Florida.


Lil said…
Yeaaah for your art -- no surprises here! You have a beautiful talent for painting, Elba!
And sweetness at the garage sale... you made a lady's day. You can enjoy a lot of smiles reminiscing about that day.
Have a great week!

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