Watching out for Isaac in Central Florida

So where do I go to find out more information about a hurricane or tropical storm if I live in Central Florida?  Well I go to several places if you really want to know:

  • First I go to which is a local TV station to get their latest track.  I prefer the local information because it has information that is easy to understand. At Wesh they also have active maps that can be minimized so you can see a tropical system as it is moving across the area.    I think their information could be improved if they put in a chat line so people could ask questions and then they could have a pane with the most common questions and updated answers.  They could include latest coordinates with range of winds and rain for this track for example.  
  • Next I go to NOAA at or   What I like about this site is that is gives a local statement and information that is pertinent to our area.  You can do the same for your area.  For example just type and then add the name of your home town.  Try adding the Keys after gov/ and it will give you information about what is happening down in Florida Keys.
  • is the website of the Z which is a popular radio station that plays Chrisitian music and they have practical information of what to do to prepare for the hurricane or tropical storm.  Sometimes they have local school closures, traffic, and people who can help.  The Z is heavily involved in the community so they also are the station that the weather bureau uses to transmit weather alerts in the weekly/and as needed Emergency Broadcast System around Central Florida. 
  • The LORD, because the other places can advise you about preparedness, but only the Lord can give you peace of mind and clarity to make good decisions.  Blessings to all in Florida and other states as we experience this together.


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