Plowing, Pulling, and Planting

Today, after almost a whole week of coming back home I did some gardening.  Nevermind you that I was thrilled to find most of my plants happy and thriving after being away for a month and a half.  This was pretty darn nice since I didn't leave the sprinkler system on.  So today after church and a good soaking rain, I went outside to a refreshing 85 degree weather and began pulling weeds and plowing some soil.  Among some of the planters, I found some papaya seedlings had come up while I was gone and were doing nicely so I decided to transplant them in the ground next to my house.  Now that I think about it, these tall bush like trees do grow quite high and do need at least four  to five feet clearance from the house.  I didn't want them too exposed to the elements especially during our two weeks of hard winter.  Papayas are naturally tropical in nature so they don't do well when the temperatures fall below freezing.  I thought perhaps the warmth of the house might be good for them.  Oh well, all's well that ends well.  I'll be careful transplanting since I don't want them to get damaged.  They look so cute and promising.

In addition to the papayas, I also planted some green peppers and gandules.  Gandules! I should have done this earlier but I had misplaced the seeds, but as we say in Spanish, "Nunca es tarde, si la dicha es buena."  Meaning it is never too late if the end product is good.  I wonder if the bushes will be big enough to have gandules by Christmas for the traditional arroz con gandules? Gandules are pidgeon peas for those who are curious.

In the same little bag with my prized gandules, I had some flamboyan seeds.  It certainly would be thrilling to see those seeds germinate.  I am not expecting these seeds to produce blossoming trees at the size of the exotic beauties I so admired this summer in Puerto Rico almost at every turn.  No, my idea is to have a bonsai flamboyan.  That would be a dream.   Can you imagine, a mini flamboyan all decked out in its horizontal glory and orange cape inside my house!? Only those who have seen a beautiful flamboyan know what I am talking about.  Sorry.

So on with my dreams of peppers, papayas, gandules, and flamboyanes. In a way, all gardeners are dreamers, aren't we?


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