The Pictures I didn't take

While in Puerto Rico, if I could have captured some of the loveliest things that I didn't, these would have to be them:

1. When I was going to church I spotted a boy carrying a load of greenery that almost covered him from top to bottom. He peeked from under a plantain leaf over his head and smiled.

2. The row of four Flamboyanes which form one tree as you approach the De Diego Ave exit off el Expreso. Spectacular.

3. The gentleness and kindness of the nuns at Las Siervas de Maria Convent in Old San Juan.

4. The hills of Barranquitas and Cedro Arriba en Naranjito

5. Pastor Neyda's farewell sermon

6. Sitting with Mom and enjoying watching her listen to Malagueña Salerosa on YouTube on my smart phone. She kept asking me how much did it cost because she wanted one.

7. Giving Giancarlo a sweet hug.

8. Chatting with my sister Sarah.

9. Having a piña colada in Luquillo.

10. Listening to my granddaughter sing a worship song while swinging on a red hammock.

Those were the things that I didn't capture with a camera, but I did with my heart.


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