Beryl Coming to Florida

Yesterday, I took finally got some much needed supplies to be ready for the Hurricance season, that if it will be anything like these past few days, will be quite busy. Hello! The hurricane season doesn't officially start until May 30, Thursday but we have already seen the formation on Alberto, Bud (this Bud's for you. Couldn't help myself.) and now subtropical Beryl. Beryl which is "subtropical" seems to want to prove it is not inferior and has meandered off the East Coast and decided to come back to Florida. It skirted Miami and the Keyes and now seems to be undecided if it will enter between Jacksonville or Daytona. The further south it lands the more rain for us all. That will mean torrential rains so I better get out there and protect some of my plants.

For local video and latest updates on Beryl go to WESH

Got to run. Stay dry.


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