Coconut Oil, could this be the cure for Alzheimers?

I am so hopeful that this is a breakthrough for the cure of Alzheimer's. Please check out this video with hopeful information.


Snopes has a nice writeup on the evidence for this.

In short, there really isn't any.

However, there are some other treatment possibilities that work on mice, and that actual scientists (not individual medical doctors with a profit motive) are researching and publishing in peer-reviewed journals.
Elba said…
The snopes article simply says there isn't enough scientific evidence at this time and that it needs clinical studies and I agree but the article ends saying and I quote, " None of this is to say that coconut oil has absolutely no value in ameliorating the progression Alzheimer's disease... " It says the claims are undetermined. I feel further study is needed, indeed, but for a family whose loved one has Alzheimer's disease, this is a ray of hope and it can in no way harm the person by adding coconut oil to a person diet. The person making the claims is not trying to sell coconut oil either, so the assumption that profittering is a motive is not valid. In any case much research done by pharmaceuticals does have a motivation of making a profit to not only cover research costs but to bring a company increased revenue.

I am just happy it is out there and if I give a person some of this coconut oil and they get better from their demetia will I deny the improvement? I think not and I would be very grateful for the news. Especially in the case of your own grandma and as a preventative for my own health. Until they find a cure, that is what I intend to do as well as follow much of what Dr. Amen, who is a renowned Neurosurgeon who has done much research on brain health, recommends.

I appreciate your comments because this is something we need to be continually be looking for the latest info as it is a illness that is in our ballpark.

Te quiero mucho,

exinco said…
Coconut is one of traditional for various cure. e.g coconut oil use for beautiful and long hair

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