Carpe Diem

Seize the day, and that is what I have been doing lately. Not letting things slide and trying to make the ordinary, extraordinary if possible. Today it is the back porch with its gardening station and table that is getting my attention. You can't help but clean the rest if those things are going to be taken care of. So sweeping, wiping down, moving plants, replanting, adding fresh dirt, and getting dirt under my nails. Yuck, but it has to be done, if I want to have pretty plant and new! Yes, I am excited-- but taking it in steps, because it is a huge job in my to do list. Can't wait to show you the end result. I should have take a before picture but everything looked awful, dirty with leaves, and that is nothing to boast about. I am so happy it is starting to take shape. Pictures will be forth coming. Thank goodness we are having such beautiful weather!


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