Charles Dickens

Yes a couple of hours late, but Happy 200th Birthday, Mr. Dickens! Flashback to when I discovered you off some dusty shelf and you introduced me to a conflicted world of sensitivity, purity, and generosity contrasted by harshness, corruption, and greed which are often the same themes in our own lives even today. Who would want to read such thick books? Especially when they generally were so gloomy, so foggy, dismal, and cold. So much so that you almost lost hope in the first chapters, but little by little, Mr.Dickens worked his magic into these crammed lively stories of dark places and people coming out of the shadows, and children running into the light. Tales full of love stories, sea shores, gloomy houses, cottages, cobbled streets, pauper's prison, sickly children, real fighters, repentant sinners, and sanity in a world full of naught. Charles Dickens, entertains us, moves us, shakes us, and demands we be better. He delights us with unraveling stories interconnected with a myriad of subplots occurring side by side by weaving a tapestry much similar to life. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Dickens! I think I will reread one of you stories once again.

The world is celebrating your 200th birthday, and I join them to wish you Happy Birthday, too!


Celebrating with food and readings


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