Scrubbing Old Pots

Scrubbing old pots. I am sure this is the last thing you thought I would be writing about being a teacher and all. Really. But it is. Not really good grammar either, but shiny pots. Cleaning the kitchen before going to bed. How could something like that be therapeutic? Well, there is something to be said for a favorite kettle or pot. Perhaps one which one has had for many years, like my teakettle that because of its daily use, is so heavily used that you take it for granted as one of the daily fixtures like a stove top or sugar bowl, which get wiped off or rinsed, then refilled then placed again on the burner to continue to do what it has always done best, but for today. Today, I took a closer look. I got tired of seeing it dull sitting there and I took it aside; dipped it in the soapy water and washed it thoroughly removing the grime. Then I took the Brillo pad, which has to be a registered trademark, and set to making the copper glow and also get to that difficult grime where the copper and stainless meet. It was time.

It was time to see it shine like I hadn’t seen it do in a long long time. So there it is. My hands are still wet, my fingernails are soft, but my heart is proud. I brought this old pot back to its original splendor, happy to be doing its work clean and shiny. There is something to be said about shining a car, vacuuming a house, rearranging your kitchen cabinets, remaking a bed, storing Christmas ornaments, putting out a new wreath, cleaning old pots, and making a treasured tea kettle glow, isn’t there? There is something to be said.


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