What is in a Word?

In Spain, la Madre Patria, they call New Year's Eve, Noche Vieja. In Puerto Rico we call it, Año Viejo. Noche Vieja, means old night, while Año Viejo, means old year. There is a difference in gender, too, which is not considered in English. Noche Vieja is femenine and Año Viejo is masculine. I don't know which I prefer more, but I do know I have always called it Año Viejo, which is very appropriate since we are talking about letting the old year go and isn't just about any old night. So yeah, I'm sticking to Año Viejo and that's it!

Tomorrow will be another day. God bless you all with a beautiful prosperous New Year or Año Nuevo, full of God's love and peace.


Anonymous said…
I so enjoyed wandering the photos of Puerto Rico and Maunabo, in particular. For my 2 cents, i so much like Noche Vieja, it's like the curtain falling on the last act of the year. It is a tender expression to me, but that's coming from a non-native speaker.
May it be feliz, any way you say it!!
exinco said…
happy new year 2012.god bless us
Elba said…
@Ranne... I always enjoy a different take on things...Did you ever spend New Years in Spain and were they calling it Noche Vieja then? I had always heard Año Viejo here. In any case Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!
@exinco, thank you and many blessings to you, too this New Year 2012!

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