What is it? This is a capsule which I understand is made locally in Puerto Rico and is used particularly when people have been prescribed antibiotics and need to have the natural flora in their intestines restored. According to Web this is their description and I quote:

"This product contains the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is naturally found in the stomach/intestines. Some conditions (such as antibiotic use) can cause problems with the normal balance of bacteria in the stomach/intestines, resulting in diarrhea. This product can help restore the normal balance of intestinal bacteria. This product has been used for diarrhea and other stomach/intestinal problems. It has also been used for vaginal and urinary tract infections."

Find the complete entry here

The pills are inexpensive, effective, easy to take, and make you feel better quickly.* I know they have been inspected since I needed a doctor's prescription to get them at a local pharmacy which is part of a national chain. I wish they were manufactured stateside but I appreciate I can come to PR and find them.

*Note these comments do not constitute an endorsement or medical advice but simply my experience using intestinex.


Beato said…
Intestinex is just a concentrated probiotic. Consumption of yogurt also aids in restoring intestinal flora. I have been prescribed intestinex and it is a good product.
And the actual pharmaceutical is in Miami...
More info on other probiotics here:
Elba said…
Beato, thank you for your comments and additional information. I enjoy consuming probiotics through yogurt as well but the Intestinex pill is convenient in that it doesn't have to be refrigerated and is just as inexpensive. I would have appreciated having it available on that time 30 years ago when I spent a beautiful summer in Mexico.

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