Listening and Learning

The perspective of a teacher always includes listening and learning, so this weekend when all my grown up children and two granddaughters came to visit here are some of the things I observed, listened and learned:

It is good to be patient with a new dog
Tango is a good name for a dog
Puppy beagles are fiesty
Granddaughters are a big help
Giggles are always welcome
Playing Apples to Apples with Aay
who picked it up like a pro
The KSC is worth every penny to visit
Love to hang out with family
Mesmerized listening to my children converse now they are all
Grown up
Convincing Rosita that that bird was a squirell while
Time flys by
Love covers a multitude of sins
"Grandma, I got some leaves for Gingah"
"Could you hold these petals for me?"
I can see your faithfulness, Lord
Thank you for letting Rosita find her purse with her I Pad, wallet, and everything else
Keeping up with my kids takes real energy now a days
Sitting in front of the waterfall in Legoland is about as peaceful as it gets
The house seems so empty now that
they are gone
but I have a pile of pictures to drop
into Drop Box
a whole bunch of ideas running through my head
a little boy with outstretched arms running towards his mami
a smiling girl with ringlets sitting on a hammock
and another straight haired one pointing out the stars and
all of us looking up at the clouds
and dreaming

Love you Annie, Rosita and Juan Daniel,



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