11/12/11 Four Earthquakes in Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Area

Not excessively strong so far, but for an avid earthquake watcher who has family in Puerto Rico, a bit unnerving. Of course prayer is my only option for God to watch over our loved ones and my little island and that they be safe. There is nothing else to do.

We can follow the latest information at the following websites:

www.endi.com which is, El Nuevo Dia, a local newspaper in Puerto Rico

There is the U.S.Geological Survey which has a listing of the most recent earthquakes on moments after they occur. The red ones being the strongests, bold and in black follow, with the paler ones being the weakest.

Then there is the Seismic "Red" or Network in Puerto Rico, "Red Sismica" which actually feeds its information to the US Geological Survey. Puerto Rico Seismic Network is a product of the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez.


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